What You’re Saying About Toastmasters

Around the world and around the corner, people are trying Toastmasters. The transformation is wonderful! It’s setting us free from fear. It’s transforming us into leaders. It’s raising the decibel level around the world as we finally speak up!

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As someone involved in leadership positions at Toastmasters, I hear a lot of great success stories. Members getting promoted because of Toastmasters. Members having a lot of fun, too!

Recently, I thought that each of us needs to hear that encouragement sooner or later. We each need to know that if we join and work at it, we will grow. I love the change that I’ve seen in myself these past 3 years. I’m now a public speaker. I’ve spoken for the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce, my own ribbon cutting, and the Chippewa Valley Christian Writer’s Group. It feels great!

Finally, I have let go a lot of the fear. It no longer stops me as it once did. Best of all, I can help other people to be great leaders, too. That is why I keep attending.

As this section develops, I’ll include more testimonials from Toastmaster members.