Body Language — What it Says About You

Body language tells people a lot about your confidence. Did you know that you can change your confidence level just by changing your body language? Yes, really!

When I was in high school, I was really shy and introverted. I wanted to be more confident, but there seemed to be no way to get there from here. Then I figured that I could at least ACT more confidently. Perhaps then, I would figure it out. So I watched what other people were like.

My friend and I were the shy people. We took up as little space as possible. We hunched in our chairs. We tucked our chins into our chest when we laughed. In short, it was like we were trying to not be noticed.

The confident people — people I admired — threw their head back when they laughed. They took up space and stood tall. Little by little, I tried to act a bit more like they did. And it worked! I gained confidence just by acting differently.

When I speak in public, I purposefully ensure that my body language is strong and confident. That way, I know that I’ll feel more confident, too.