November 2, 2017

To fill in our new members, we replaced our prepared speech section of the meeting with informational speeches about our organization and what we do.

First, Heidi Schreiner spoke on officer roles.


Then, we were debriefed on the Competent Communicator series of speeches that everyone begins with.


Next, Jeff McRaven gave a talk on the Leadership Manual and how leadership is integrated into our educational program.


Finally, Steven Daigle talked about speech contests, conventions, and “Distinguished Clubs”.


Following the prepared speeches, we moved on to Table Topics.  This is the time during the meeting that we get an opportunity to speak extemporaneously on a topic given to us.

First up was Jeff McRaven.  Jeff is well-known for creating challenging Table Topics sessions.  This particular night he was on the receiving end.


Long-time member Nate Otto followed up with the next question.  Nate is a Table Topics speaker extraordinaire.


We do not require guests to speak; however, we had a guest who did a wonderful job of tackling a topic.


Finally, Sheila Wilkinson chimed in on the final topic of the night.