November 16, 2017

At a Toastmasters meeting, you never know what interesting topics find their way into a speech next.  This meeting started off with a speech about fire alarms with a bit of artistry and drama built into it.

Our second speaker was Sheila Wilkinson.  She gave a speech about clutter.  It was a very animated speech that was structured in a very interesting and effective way.


Nate Otto lead the Table Topics.


We spun the globe, pointed our finger, and landed on countries that we spoke about for 1-2 minutes.

Jeff McRaven was first up speaking about Portugal.


John Wendtland talked about the Dominican Republic.

Sheila Wilkinson was next up giving an impromptu speech on Peru.


John Satorius spoke about the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, Wyann Hoage related all she knew about Papua New Guinea to the group.


Several other speaking roles followed.  At each meeting we strive to give everyone the opportunity to exercise their public speaking skills.