Agenda for February 7th

To all my Toastmaster friends,
Our next meeting is NOT this week, but next week on February 7.  Please see the attached agenda.  We have following roles open:  Toastmaster, Grammarian, and 4 Evaluators.  Please reply if you want to fill any of these roles.
Dan Shuda and 12 students from Globe University will be our guests on February 7th.
Please bring your Competent Communication, Competent Leadership and Advanced manuals to meetings so you get credit for your speeches and roles.  At the end of each meeting, I would like to initial your Project Completion Record.  
Gene, VP Education

Meeting Summary

Beginning with the meeting of August 20th I will be posting a summary following each meeting. I welcome any comments or corrections you may wish to offer. (Melissa Bystedt)

President Robert Wall called the meeting to order at 6:30 with Barbara Weisenberger as Toastmaster for the evening. Melissa Bystedt, Shelly Cedarblade, John DeRyckere, Susan Moch, Arlene Radtke, Gene Radtke, and Jerry Simpson were present.

The announcements included the reminder that dues will be collected beginning today and are due before October 1. All members should make checks out to Chippewa Valley Toastmasters in the amount of $33.00 and bring the check or cash to the next meeting or send a check to Melissa Bystedt.

The Humorous Speech Contest (club level) will be held at the second meeting in September. Currently there are four contestants signed up. Volunteers are needed to fill the support positions for the contest also.

There is a chart showing our current position in the Publicity Contest. Barb will keep that updated and bring it to each meeting.

The Eau Claire Advance Club is thinking about having an overnight campout this fall and is seeking feedback from all of the area clubs. Please contact Claude Schilling, Gene Radtke, Barb Weisenberger or Melissa Bystedt if you are interested.

Robert Wall -Grammarian (word of the day) Perennial.

John DeRyckere – General Evaluator

Arlene Radtke and Gene Radtke – Table Topics.

Melissa Bystedt – Timer

The speakers for the evening were Jerry Simpson, Robert Wall, Shelly Cedarblade, and Susan Moch.

The evaluators for the evening were Susan Moch, Shelly Cedarblade, Robert Wall and Jerry Simpson.

It was a well run meeting and we adjourned at 7:54.

The next meeting will be held on September 3rd.

Please contact John DeRyckere if you wish to speak or have a role that you would like to fill at that meeting.