February 15, 2018 Meeting Highlights

The traditional Icebreaker mints and ribbons were awarded to two of our new members who gave their Icebreaker speeches.  An Icebreaker speech is the first speech a new member gives and is a 4-6 minute speech about themselves.

John Satorius:

Lacey Heward

Highlighting our lineup of prepared speeches was Heidi Schreiner practicing a speech for the Western Division TLI (Toastmaster Leadership Institute) that was held in Eau Claire at the end of February.

We had several members doing impromptu speaking.

First, Mary Hiss addressed the question, “What qualities would you like to inherit from your parents?”.

The next question addressed was, “What three qualities would make you a good leader?”.

Nate Otto answered, “What 3 objects would you save from Ivan’s house if there were a fire?”.

Bob Swanson was asked the question, “What would you like to be famous for?”.

Finally, our newest member Lindsay Olson went for a double header!!!  She first answered, “What would you not want in a friend?” and then “What state would you like to visit?”.

February 1, 2018 Meeting Highlights

What a special night!!!  We had two new members giving Icebreaker speeches.  The Icebreaker speech is the first speech a member delivers.  It is a 4 to 6 minute speech where the member introduces themselves.

First, John Satorius delivered his.

Then Lacey Heward gave hers.

We had other prepared and unprepared speeches throughout the evening as well.

Congratulations to our two newest members!!!

December 21, 2017 Meeting Highlights

December 21st was our holiday-themed meeting.

One person decided to go all-out for the occasion.


First, we had an Icebreaker speech.  We absolutely love to listen to people stepping up to the challenge of giving their first speech.

We also had a speech on the topic of communication and conflict resolution with an interesting “Christmas Carol”/Ebeneezer Scrooge twist.


The entire club engaged with Scrooge through a series of difficult prepared questions.  Scrooge had some points to make–and he made them!!!


Bob Swanson lead the Table Topics portion of the meeting.  During Table Topics members speak extemporaneously on a topic given to them.





A ribbon was given to the club member giving his Icebreaker speech.


December 7, 2017 Meeting Highlights

The evening started out with Mary Hiss delivering her Icebreaker speech.  The Icebreaker speech is the  first speech a member gives.  It is 4-6 minutes long and gives the member a chance to introduce him/herself.


Justin Weichel discussed the benefits of adopting a wholefood diet and how one can get started.


Jeff McRaven then gave an analysis of “Rudoph the Red-nosed Reindeer” from an interesting perspective.


For the Table Topics portion of the meeting we were given several selections to choose from that linked to the topic for discussion.


The Table Topics Master:


Table Topic #1:  I have to have that! –talk about that for 1-2 minutes.


Nate Otto took the lead on that one.


Table Topic #2  I have to have that #2!


John Satorius took a stab at that one.


Table Topic #3:  You have to see that #1!  The photographer stepped aside to try his luck at that one.  “It’s a  Wonderful Life”  Why do we have to see that movie?

Table Topic #4:  You have to see that #2!  Santa and the Martians….  Why do we have to see that movie?



Finally, Mary Hiss received a ribbon for giving her Icebreaker speech.