May 18, 2017 Table Topics

Table topics are one to two minute impromptu speeches about a given subject. The Table Topics Master prepares several topics in advance and requests volunteers to speak on one of the topics. Since the speaker has no idea what the table topic is, this is a great opportunity for learning to speak off-the-cuff. Preference in table topics speaking is typically given to members that have no other meeting role or guests who would like to volunteer.

Jeff McRaven–famous for challenging table topics–was the Topics Master.

051817 Table Topics Jeff Topics Master

Sheila Wilkinson responded to the question, “How long would you keep a friend if they talked to you like you speak to yourself?”

051817 Table Topics Sheila Wilkinson

Julie Court pondered, “When you look back over the past month, what single moment stands out?”

051817 Table Topics Julie Court

Eric Goetz worked his way through the ethical dilemma, “Is stealing to feed a starving child wrong?”

051817 Table Topics Eric Goetz