Speaking Tip – Your Audience Isn’t Your Enemy

When you’re up there beginning your speech, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the audience is as critical of you as you are of yourself. This is a natural human tendency – to believe that others know what we know, and think the way we think.

Fortunately for speakers everywhere, this isn’t true. The audience doesn’t know everything you know – otherwise there wouldn’t be a point in you giving the speech. Your audience is there to be informed by you, not to compare your delivered speech to the script you’re working from.

In reality, your audience will typically want you to succeed and will give you every opportunity to do so. If you make a mistake, nine times out of ten the only way the audience will know is if you point it out to them. So when you’re up there and you stumble, just keep going – it’s not a big deal!

Of course, there’s no better way to gain confidence (and the ability to recover) than by practicing. If you’d like practice speaking, in a friendly, supportive environment, there’s no better place than at a Toastmasters club!