Humorous Speech Contest! August 7th!

Ever wonder how people learn to tell a funny story that generates guffaws from the audience? Well, some of them start out with the Chippewa Valley Toastmaster Humorous Speech Contest.

The Chippewa Valley Toastmaster Club will hold its complementary “Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest” this Thursday, August 7 at 7 PM at Globe University. Free to the public!

Here are three reasons you should attend:

1. You will hear speakers at different stages of their learning process and increase your understanding of what it takes to deliver a funny story or anecdote.

2. If you cannot tell the funny stories apart, there is an Evaluation Contest that occurs at the same time and the Evaluators will talk about the speech and their ideas how to make it more effective.

3. If you watch TV and/or play video games, you will lose whatever socialization skills you had when you were a child. If you had none, this Humorous Speech Contest will get you started. Imagine yourself in a room full of people who are critiquing the speakers plus competing among themselves as evaluators. You have never seen so many adults talk to each other in a positive fashion since Dr. Spock was arrested in the 1960s. (If you don’t know, please don’t bother looking it up. It ruins the joke.)

Please consider attending the Humorous Speech Contest.

I’ve pasted the rules below.  You can also find out more about the Humorous Speech Contest on the Toastmasters International web site.

Humorous Speech Contest Rules
The Humorous Speech Contest follows all rules outlined in the General Rules section of this rulebook.  In addition, the following additions and exceptions apply.
1. The subject for the humorous speech shall be selected by the contestant. The speaker shall avoid potentially objectionable language, anecdotes, and material.
2. The speech must be thematic in nature (opening, body, and close), not a monologue (series of one-liners).


Feb 20 Meeting Canceled Due to Weather!!!!

Dear Members of Chippewa Valley Toastmasters,

Due to the severe weather alert for our area, the officers have canceled the meeting of the Chippewa Valley Toastmasters Club for Thursday, February 20th.  We will NOT meet at Globe University at 7 PM tomorrow night.
Because tomorrow’s meeting was to be our speech contest, we will need to reschedule the contest to either February 27th or March 6th.  Heidi Schreiner, Contest Master, will be in contact with the 4 contestants to determine which date works the best for them.  Once it is determined which date works best for the contestants, we will announce the date of the contest and/or our next meeting.  Stay tuned.


Club 6173, District 35 – Eau Claire WI – Barbara Weisenberger –